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TopGear (Bridport) Ltd

Automotive Opportunities with Topgear
Topgear are a long-established, large member of the automotive industry. Specialists in aftermarket parts and services, Topgear stock a huge array of both universal and vehicle-specific parts and cater to both the B2B and B2C market. Our network presence of over 250 separate franchises/dealers across the UK is a testament to the success of our business model- and our franchise model is unique in that we do not take any cut of your sales.
The franchising opportunities offered by our group consist of three separate offerings, each with its own branding, point-of-sale, training, support and equipment. Longlife and Powerflow are the UK’s largest networks offering lifetime guaranteed, custom built exhaust solutions while Topgear Tuning is the arm of our company specialising in ECU Remapping services, backed by the Original Stig Perry McCarthy
Custom Exhaust Franchise Options
We supply to our exhaust franchises, at discounted prices, all the components and machinery needed to build an exhaust for any vehicle on the market, no matter its make, model and age. Supplied components include a huge and varied range of: tubing, silencers, catalytic converters and tailpipes. Our franchise gains the ability to quote an exhaust solution for any vehicle at any specification, while the customer is offered the appealing convenience of a same-day fitting service to their own tastes and aesthetics.
Custom Build Process
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Custom built stainless steel exhaust systems deliver excellent value to the customer and also afford healthy margins to the Franchisee. A typical exhaust build from the catalyst back can deliver 70% gross profit to the Franchisee. This can be further enhanced by selling upgrades, add-ons or an ECU remap; as well as any other service your premises may offer.
A custom built exhaust is built directly onto the car, typically with the car raised up on a ramp. All systems are built on the vehicle which gives the Franchisee the flexibility to fabricate an exhaust for all makes and models. Exhaust franchises also have full access, with dealer pricing, to all ready-built systems produced or supplied by Topgear, with a click and collect scheme that brings local customers straight to your door.
We provide full support and training for the MIG and TIG welding required as well as a full support package and a dedicated franchise manager to support your new franchise venture. We also send enquiries directly to our distributors and all of our marketing efforts are tracked for the benefit of both parties. Other than the initial investment, we only charge a modest, negotiable franchise fee each month, over 50% of which is spent directly on marketing to promote your franchise presence in your given territory.
 Powerflow Exhausts
Powerflow Exhausts were the first company to offer the UK market custom built exhausts and were bought out by Topgear in 2013. Since taking on the brand, it has flourished and we set up over 20 new franchises in 2015. 
Our Powerflow brand is a stronger “organic” brand than Longlife and is also a little more youthful, with its target market tending to be a younger audience. Powerflow is a well known brand in the UK and boasts distinct, hybrid (rolled-end) silencers that come pre-branded, as opposed to the welded silencers that tend to be fused together. The most common vehicles enquired about via the Powerflow network include: Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Focus, Honda Civic Type R and Suzuki Swift. The typical customer tends to enquire for a cat-back exhaust.
The Powerflow Exhausts website ( receives page 1 exposure on Google for our key product - Stainless Steel  Exhausts. Each dealer is listed on the site and has their own dedicated page to help promote not only the Powerflow product, but also other  products and services they may offer as well. A brand new, mobile friendly website was launched early 2016, featuring VRM lookup and  improved dealer integration - allowing a customer to easily submit their details and enquiry to their nearest dealer of choice.
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Longlife Exhausts
Longlife Exhausts were the first UK based company to offer the UK market custom built exhausts and are Topgear’s “home-grown” brand. Growing alongside our network, Longlife is a smaller network than Powerflow but is a lot more established, boasting some very prestigious premises and many of the finest exhaust fabricators in the industry.

Longlife tends to appeal to and cater for a demographic with more disposable income than Powerflow and thus tends to attract more 
classic, vintage and high-end vehicles. The monthly fees for Longlife tend to be higher than for Powerflow as a result and classically, the Longlife brand and website has received more directed traffic from marketing and PPC campaigns. The most common vehicles enquired about via the Powerflow network include: BMW 320D, Nissan 350Z, Audi S3 and Mazda MX5. The typical customer tends to enquire for a cat-back exhaust.

The Longlife network benefits from a large amount of directed telephone traffic, with our marketing focused on delivering phone calls to dealers rather than the e-mails we focus on for Powerflow. This is a reflection of the slightly older average age of a Longlife customer.  Much like on the Powerflow side, each dealer is listed on the Longlife website and has their own dedicated page to help promote the brand and drive exhaust enquiries to the dealer. A brand new, mobile friendly website was launched early 2016, featuring VRM lookup and improved dealer integration - allowing a customer to easily submit their details and enquiry to their nearest dealer of choice.
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ECU Remapping from Topgear Tuning


Topgear Tuning can be an integral part of a Longlife or Powerflow exhaust franchise; ECU Remapping and Exhausts are complimentary products and the former can be a great upsell to the latter with little additional labor time in many cases.

Remapping is a growth market driven by increasing consumer demand and recognition of published gains for both engine performance and fuel economy. The potential for remapping business is huge; in the UK alone there are over 33 million vehicles on the road that cover a combined 311 billion miles each year. So, there are a lot of drivers out there who would no doubt be delighted with the performance and economy benefits you, as an authorised Topgear Tuning partner, could provide.
"I was so impressed, i bought the company" - Perry McCarthy, The Original Stig
Message from Perry McCarthy – The Original Stig

“In 2015, I was invited by the owner of Topgear Tuning, the charismatic Steve Kilcoyne, to visit their head office. Steve thought I may be interested in the process of ECU Remapping and his team’s approach to it, mainly because he knew my life as a racing driver and as ‘The Stig’ has revolved around speed, technology, teamwork, vehicle performance and attention to detail. I agreed but after arriving, what was scheduled as a one hour meeting turned in to five hours! My initial curiosity quickly changed to recognising a great business opportunity within my home ground of the Automotive Industry. In fact, I was so impressed with Topgear Tuning’s service, expertise and attitude; I bought the company. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I haven’t been brought on board as a racing driver to say nice things about this business – I am in the business because I totally believe in it. When it comes to cars, engines and performance, racing drivers are notoriously difficult to please. Well, I am certainly pleased. I have taken my opportunity and I am genuinely excited by it. Trust is hard earned but it has been the cornerstone of my own decision.”

We, as Topgear Tuning would now like to offer you the opportunity to join us and enjoy a successful and profitable relationship as part of our partnership programme.

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