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Jinya Ramen

Who Is Jinya Ramen?

Jinya Ramen Bar serves “Tonkotsu Ramen”, rich and strong smelling noodle dish. Tonkotsu uses pork broth, using dashi and dried fish, a broth that seemed to be trying to establish the record for the most umami per milligram - from Japanese and described as one of 5 basic tastes - a pleasant savoury taste.

Simply put, “tasting is believing”. Only a handful Californian residents and lucky tourists used to enjoy the fantastic taste of Jinya Ramen. Not any more! With as low as £200,000 initial investment, you can own and run “Jinya, Ramen Bar” in your location.

Ramen, The Hottest Asian Concept

2012 may be later remembered “the year of Asian fusion food”. It seems almost every chef tries fusion food with Asian flavours. Japanese sushi may be long gone as a trendy food, but fever for Asian food lives on. After sushi came Thai, then landed Vietnamese food. Many people say Indian food will be very hot this year. Among them, many experts predict Asian noodle will be the hottest concept of next generation.

Jinya Ramen offers 14 different menus items for ramen alone. Then, come in-house curry, Gyoza dumpling and tofu cooked in Jinya’s style. Customers praise its rich and deep taste and flavor on every dish served. In short, Jinya has everything franchisees are looking for.

Unique Opportunity For Master Franchisee

Jinya Franchise, Inc. is currently seeking a master franchisee in UK. The entire UK territory is available at £129,000. The franchisor looks to those who have financial capability of developing at least 5 locations. This translates into £250,000 of liquid assets.

It’s a unique opportunity because currently Jinya is the only chain officially franchised in the U.S., offering a master franchise right in UK.

The Benefits Master Franchisee Receives

With £129,000 investment for the Master Franchisee right, he or she will receive the following rights and benefits.

  • The right to open directly owned store anywhere in UK
  • The right to subfranchise Jinya concept anywhere in UK to earn franchisee fees and royalties
  • A minimum of 2-month training to ensure that Master Franchisee and managers are well trained to make the operation successful
  • A minimum of 1 week training at sight in UK before, during, and after a grand opening
  • The right to access to Jinya’s menu and recipe that assures unique and excellent quality of food no other competitors can copy.

Steps To Becoming a Master Franchisee of Jinya Ramen

It’s easy and fast. After initial contact we discuss basic terms and exchange information with you. There will be face-to-face meeting either in the U.S. or the UK. After reaching an agreement the Master Franchisee Agreement is executed. Then, site selection will begin, and an initial training will follow.

Upcoming Expos

17th-18th February 2017, ExCeL, London

The Franchise Show 2017

8th–9th September 2017, RDS, Dublin

The Franchise Show Ireland

JUNE 15-17, 2017 | NEW YORK, NY

International Franchise Expo


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