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Institute of Microtraining

Innovative training concept delivering exceptional client service in the training industry

This is your chance to be part of a ground-breaking opportunity that is about to reach the UK in 2017 and target the corporate training market. There is no other training franchise quite like IOM in the UK with its technological platform and depth of product and sector coverage. 

The Institute of Microtraining was founded in 2011 in Innsbruck, Austria, by Dieter Duftner.  As the first adopters of microtraining in Europe, the Institute’s goal is to establish a set of high standards for effective and continuous education, in both stand-alone and long-term training programmes. Investing in employees’ continuing professional development in a way which suits their levels of expertise will boost productivity and retention, resulting in an increasingly satisfied workforce.

Developed by leading educational theorists, microtraining is now best practice for delivering succinct and effective training for business, based on the social constructivism learning theory, that learning is an active process which must be tailored to each learner, and the connectivism theory, that knowledge is best acquired through collaboration and communication.

The Franchise

The Institute of Microtraining provides tailored, flexible training packages for companies which may otherwise find the cost of upskilling employees and the loss of productivity during conventional training prohibitive. 

There is no other training franchise quite like IOM in the UK with its depth of product and sector coverage.  IOM have spent years developing their blended learning process using bite-sized micro-training units ensuring that learning retention is as high as it can be.  This is achieved through the creation of tailor-made training solutions to each and every client with over 2.1 million training combinations available.  When coupled with a strong marketing programme in a market sector that is almost insatiable in its needs there is a clear recipe for success.

The Services

As a franchisee of IOM each franchisee has access to the full portfolio of IOM products which can then be tailor made to create customised client solutions.  With over 2.1 million combinations of products available IOM can deliver over 95% of client requirements thereby creating tailor made training solutions at ‘off-the-peg’ prices.  IOM has a wide range of programmes in a broad range of topics and has experience working in

  • Banking and insurance
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Service industry
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Media and marketing
  • Healthcare, public sector, charities and NGOs

The Market Opportunity

IOM has identified that any company with 10 or more employees can make efficient use of their in-house microtrainings. According to the Business Population Estimate 2015 by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, there are about 240,000 of those companies registered in the UK, employing a total of 17 million people. For franchisees looking at focusing on larger clients with 50 or more employees, there are still around 40,000 of those businesses in the UK that IOM’s franchisees can target.

IOM are looking to start the business in the UK and do not currently have franchisees in the UK market.

The Franchisee

IOM need individuals who can help identify the challenges of implementing corporate training programmes and come up with the solutions to client needs. Selling a solution is all about seeing the whole picture and having access to resources to deliver the result. Implementing cost-effective solutions places you as a partner to your client’s business.

The background of an individual is not so important to IOM – what is important is that an individual has the drive and motivation to build a business from the ground up.  This is not for everybody but for those that have that ambition IOM are experienced franchisors with the U.K. Franchise team having over 30 years of franchise experience and can therefore enable motivated individuals to get their business up and running.


The franchise fee as an Individual Franchisee with Institute of Microtraining is £29,000 and you can be up and running in as little as two months.

Discover for yourself what being a Franchisee with the Institute of Microtraining is like and why building and running your business with them is so different.  Take the decision to join an innovative business system operating in a huge market sector with unlimited opportunity – you’ll never look back.


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17th-18th February 2017, ExCeL, London

The Franchise Show 2017

8th–9th September 2017, RDS, Dublin

The Franchise Show Ireland

JUNE 15-17, 2017 | NEW YORK, NY

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