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Efficient Language Coaching

The Efficient Language Coaching Company was founded in 2008 by Rachel Paling who has successfully set up and run this language teaching company in Germany, with a team of seven language coaches.   
The clients are both companies and individual professionals in Germany, Spain and the UK, who have a need to acquire language skills, often industry specific, to bring them to a professional standard quickly.   
In 2011 Rachel Paling designed a new certification programme for language teachers to become accredited language coaches. This specialist training comprises the basics of coaching and the neuroscience of learning, teaching the principles of neurolanguage coaching.  The course which will be undertaken by all Franchisees carries an accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, a worldwide recognised qualification.   ELC Ltd now seeks to Franchise the operation in the UK, offering Regional Master Franchises in six areas, with the opportunity for each Regional Master Franchise to sell and manage at least six sub-franchises.
Major corporates who wish to enter or develop markets in Europe and the wider world perceive the need to have Executives who are not only fluent in the language of the target market, but can converse in the industry or professional version of that language – for instance legal, medical and engineering language usage.
Where highly complex and often multi-million pound deals are being negotiated it is vital that Executives have a thorough knowledge of the language and local nuances. They also need to be able to absorb the language quickly, either in intensive courses, or over a period of time in short sessions, and ELC specialise in all these areas.   
ELC is also designed for individuals who wish to develop their language skills, receiving one to one tuition or entering into group sessions. Our ever increasing involvement with European countries makes the acquiring or developing of language skills more and more important.   
The company was founded in Germany in 2008 by English born and educated Rachel Paling, a multi-lingual language coach. She has developed a unique method of teaching languages quickly and effectively by harnessing the areas of the brain that aid learning. Rachel has developed the neuro-science of learning, and has created the accreditation in neurolanguage coaching, a science based method which she will teach to all Franchisees enabling them to become certified and accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  
The principle of neurolanguage coaching is unique to ELC Ltd but may be a new concept to potential Franchisees – a definition:  
Neurolanguage Coaching facilitates the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge from the Language Coach to the Language Learner using brain based coaching and coaching principles as vehicles”  
This is achieved through ongoing sessions which include the framework of International Coaching Federation principles and competencies, diagnostics, assessment and level testing, goal and action setting, coaching conversations, coaching tools including language coaching tools, and the input of grammatical and linguistic information necessary for the learner to quickly become proficient in the language.  
Every Franchisee will be taught the principles and methods of delivery, and will achieve a certificate of competence from ELC and an accreditation from the International Coaching Federation.
The business model that has been established in Germany will form the basis of the Franchise offered in the UK, and act as the framework. The format is well established, has been endorsed by customer demand, has the ability to transfer easily to any part of the world, has excellent earning potential and is saleable.     
In return for an initial franchise fee the Regional Master Franchisee (RMF) will be granted a ten year licence to own and operate an Efficient Language Coaching Franchise in an exclusive post code area. The RMF and up to three coaching team members will receive full training leading to certification from ELC and accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. The RMF and a team of coaches will run a local client base.
The RMF will receive help in preparing the business plan, launch marketing and PR material, a CRM system that will be the basis for all reporting and communications with Head Office, inclusion in the global website, and all the documents required for the day to day running of the franchise and the team of sub-franchisees. An operations manual and staff handbooks will be provided, in electronic form.
The RMF will also have access to UK retained Franchise Consultants who will help with setting up and running the Master Franchise, as well as recruiting sub-franchisees.  Each Region will support a further six sub-franchisees, and the RMF will sell those Franchises, and build a team across the area. All training for the sub-franchisees and up to three team members will be carried out from the centre, but the on-going management will be the responsibility of the RMF.  
Applicants for an ELC Regional Master Franchise and for Sub-Franchises should ideally have a valid language teaching qualification or have been teaching languages at an advanced level for at least seven years. A background in business or a profession is advantageous as this gives specialism and expertise to the language topics.   
As part of the initial franchise offering, and in order to be an ELC Ltd Language Coach, all Franchisees will learn the principles of brain based coaching by completing the two modules of the ELC Ltd Language Coaching Training consisting of 36 training hours and a recorded session assessment. This training will also be extended to three team members. These mandatory conditions may be reduced for applicants who have already qualified as a Coach under a system recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

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