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Action Coach - Business Training & Coaching Franchise

Positive Action with ActionCOACH!


About Us
ActionCOACH currently has 160 business coaching franchisees, operating in the UK and Ireland, and are aiming to almost double this over the next 12 to 18 months.

“There are approximately 4 million SMEs in Britain, therefore the demand for business coaching is expected to enjoy a massive growth in popularity.” So says ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching organisation.

Indeed, ActionCOACH is so buoyant about the future that it is looking to expand the number of its business coaching franchisees operating in the UK and Ireland from 160 to around 320 in the next 12 to 18 months.

According to the company: "One of the key factors behind the surge in demand for coaching has been the success with which it has helped transform the lives and fortunes of many business owners, as evidenced by literally hundreds of case histories.

“However, another important factor has been the quality of business coaches we are attracting. Apart from the high earning potential, what makes business coaching particularly appealing is that, unlike many other franchises, business coaching has relatively low overheads and can be operated from home.

“It also offers an unprecedented level of flexibility. As a result, ActionCOACH tends to attract franchisees who have a strong commercial background, for example in sales and marketing, logistics, IT, etc, and are looking for something that will enable them to use their skills to best effect."

Training and Support
Alan Brighton (AB Business Coaching Ltd. - ActionCoach Business Coach) states that: “The support from Action for a new coach is just tremendous. Between the Team Captain, Accountability Coach, the coaches academy, the 'Kick-start Programme, the regional team, the internet forums, conference call learning, and just general help whenever you ask for it from other coaches, there is as much help on almost any subject as you could possibly want.

In terms of getting your business off the ground it's up to you how fast you want to go. The sales training and support systems are extensive, and if you follow the ActionCOACH systems your success is just a measure of the work you put in. The Action sales systems are extremely well thought out and they work. The material for teaching clients and their teams are just awesome in the scale of what is available and how well it is put together. If there is a better business teaching information base in the world I would love to see it. Clients and prospective clients just lap up the material. It's a joy to teach.”

Who's Ideal for Us
Who should become a Business Coach … ?
Only people with passion should become a Business Coach. That’s because Business Coaching is a very passionate business. So if you’re passionate about business, life and love, then ask yourself this: Does the very thought of finding better and more efficient ways of improving a company’s bottom line set your pulse racing? Are you the kind of person who is constantly striving to succeed? Do you always find yourself helping others? If this sounds like you, contact us to find out more about business coaching, or becoming a business coach.
Do I need a Consulting or Coaching Background … ?

No. However, a strong business background is a must. If you have owned or managed a business before, or if you have a background in sales, then this is probably the business for you. You will need a sound understanding of business principles, though, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the right attitude, and a healthy dose of motivation won’t go astray either! Be prepared to show us how much passion you have for helping others, and show us too, the amount of drive you have to succeed in this business.
Why should I buy a franchise to become a Business Coach … ?

You’ll want an opportunity that provides you with a solid platform for entrepreneurial freedom – and one that’s based on years of experience, proven systems and ongoing training. You’ll want to own a profitable and fulfilling business, yet you won’t want to recreate the wheel. Only a proven franchise will provide all this.
What do I do and what do I sell as an ActionCOACH … ?

Your role as an ActionCOACH is to help the owners of small to medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building, direction, goal setting and so much more … Essentially you’ll be their sounding board, confidant, mentor, coach and consultant. But you don’t have to be a marketing guru to succeed …The ActionCOACH System has been designed to get results in a way that’s both effective for the client and highly profitable for you. As part of your arsenal of products and services, you’ll deliver everything from Coaching programs to seminars, and from books and tapes to video programs. So as a Business Coach, what might your average week look like? You would probably spend it meeting with prospective clients, coaching clients over the phone, preparing and delivering seminars, conducting in-house training programs, critiquing your clients’ marketing pieces, performing Alignment Consultations or selling the ActionCOACH Planning program.

Financial Information
Franchise/License Fee (Minimum Investment): £57,000
Franchise Set-Up Costs (Min Invest + Set Up Costs): £3000
Working Capital: £15000
Total Investment (Franchise Fee, Set Up & Working Cap): £75,000

Ongoing Royalties (Monthly Fees): £1500 fixed

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JUNE 15-17, 2017 | NEW YORK, NY

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